A Tool for Noticing Emotions

Robert Chender gives Business Insider pointers on experiencing, rather than suppressing, difficult emotions as they arise in order to be able to manage them. 

You can see the tutorial below and catch the whole story on Business Insider here.

You can get better at acknowledging your emotions before they spiral out of control

"Emotions are actually feelings in the body," Chender explained. The key is recognizing when you're experiencing a particular bodily sensation.

One way to do that is a body scan. Starting at the top of your head, check in with every part of your body and notice what it feels like. That way, you can catch any simmering negative feelings before you act on them.

For example, maybe your cheeks are hot, or your fists are clenched. You might be experiencing anger.

Cameron told me that the more you practice tuning into your bodily sensations, the better you'll get at identifying them. At first, it might take you an hour to realize that you were experiencing anger. At some point, though, you'll be able to realize what's going on while you're experiencing that anger. Then you can label the emotion as such, which can help decrease its intensity.

Finally, you can tap into your thinking brain to figure out what to do next, instead of acting out of extreme anger, or sadness, or whatever it is you're experiencing.