ML21 programs for finance and investment professionals emphasize mindful investing and trading, including:

  • How mindfulness leads to the core skills of High Performing Investment Teams, the seminal book written by Jim Ware of Focus Consulting Group
  • Understanding the neuroscience of watching the markets
  • How our instinctual reactions to market and securities prices might be counterproductive and just plain wrong
  • How mindfulness can help develop intuition for better trading and investment decision-making

Robert's deep knowledge of the investment management industry allows him to appreciate and understand his clients’ particular professional issues.  ML21 seminars focus on helping clients mindfully improve decision making, clarify goals and strategies and achieve higher levels of concentration and performance.

Robert works closely with Focus Consulting Group, the leading independent consultant to the investment management industry.  Focus is dedicated to helping investment leaders understand, articulate and shape their firm's culture so it can be leveraged for investment success.