ML21 Seminars for Attorneys specifically address how mindfulness practice benefits legal performance, leadership, and well-being. Topics include:

  • The neurobiology of stress, which underpins how we habitually relate to difficulty in ways that don’t serve us, and how we can start to change our habits and alleviate stress – which has the benefit of making both us and our colleagues feel better and do better work.
  • How to listen to and develop better relationships with clients, colleagues, and even with opposing counsel (not to mention your family).
  • Self-management: how to identify and deal with difficult emotions in the workplace.
  • The tendencies of attorneys to be pessimistic, the problems that pessimism is associated with (including depression), and how to turn pessimism into its good twin, prudence.
  • Perfectionism as an appropriate adaptation for legal work but not so much elsewhere – how to manage our perfectionist tendencies so that we are thorough but not self-defeating.
  • How mindfulness can help lawyers work with and overcome addictive tendencies, whether to substances, to unhealthy activities, or to work itself.
  • How mindfulness can help us to develop greater resilience and recover from setbacks more easily.

Mindful Leadership Training for Attorneys seminars are suitable for continuing legal education credits in many jurisdictions.