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Learn to Work with Strong Emotions

Learn to Work with Strong Emotions
with Robert Chender

March 29th at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York

Meditation isn’t an off switch to suffering. But with meditation, we can find contentment. True contentment doesn't come from ignoring suffering. It doesn’t mean we just “think positively” and everything will be alright.

Instead, contentment gives us a tool to meet intense emotions with some peace of mind, a little curiosity, and a touch of gentleness, so that instead of flying off the handle, we might be able to take a breath and give ourselves (and the other guy) a break.

In this class, students will learn to acknowledge and work directly with the various types of suffering that arise in our day to day life. We’ll explore meditation techniques that help us to identify the quality, nature and experience of emotions so we can meet them with gentleness, nowness and inquisitiveness.

Robert Chender leads, Learn to Work with Strong Emotions. Register here

Class Schedule

6:30pm Welcome & Introduction
6:45pm Meditation Instruction & Guided Practice
7:15pm Practice Questions
7:30pm Teaching
8:00pm Group Discussion or Dyads
8:15pm Conclude

About Learn to Live Mindfully

This class is part of Shambhala New York's Learn to Live Mindfully series: one-night workshops that offer practical teachings and meditation techniques to help us grow into more mindful, compassionate human beings.  Classes include guided meditation, teaching, and group discussion.