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Learn to Find Your Focus

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We've heard the term "mindfulness" quite a bit lately, but what's important to remember about mindfulness, is that it is not something we need to "add" to our mind, it's something we already have. It's something very natural to us.

When we forget to act from a place of mindfulness, our world becomes scattered and dispersed and feels chaotic. But when we train in what to do when this occurs, we can call our minds back to the present moment, and remember to just "stay."

In this class, we'll learn to recognize whatever thoughts arise, and use our mindful awareness to return to the present moment, to the object our of focus. Students will have opportunities for discussion, guided meditation practice, and question and answers with the teacher.

Class Schedule  

6:30pm Welcome & Introduction
6:45pm Meditation Instruction & Guided Practice
7:15pm Practice Questions
7:30pm Teaching
8:00pm Group Discussion  
8:15pm Conclude

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