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Learn Mindfulness 101 for business, with Robert Chender. In the pressure and speed of modern life, it's easy to lose touch with the mind's natural ability to be focused and flexible. This attentiveness, or "mindfulness," is the practice of being fully available and responsive to whatever that moment demands.

Through a series of simple, scientifically validated practices we can build a reliable foundation of mindfulness that allows us to be fully present, fully efficient, fully effective leaders.


Robert Chender 

For more than 30 years, Robert Chender has woven the practice of mindfulness into his career as a senior hedge fund executive and attorney. Today, Robert uses the language and concepts of business to facilitate the experience of mindfulness on his clients’ home turf: the workplace. Robert provides keynotes, seminars and executive coaching.


Robert Chender has taught scores of mindfulness seminars in the United States and abroad and is an active mindfulness and leadership coach to many professionals. In 2012, Robert joined the faculty of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI.org), the groundbreaking science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence program developed at Google.

He currently offers Mindful Leadership in the 21st Century (ML21)l seminars, executive coaching, keynote talks and Search Inside Yourself workshops around the world.

Robert understands the business world and teaches a practical form of mindful leadership that just plain works in a business setting.
— Jay Rhame, Vice-President, W.H. Reaves & Co


Mindful Leadership in the 21st Century (ML21) programs equip organizations with the tools needed to face today's complex and volatile business environment.  Mindfulness practice has become an essential component to achieving effective leadership and organizational transformation. 


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Robert Chender is a keynote speaker, addressing the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.  His recent keynote appearances include a leadership conference, a major domestic investment management company and a multinational tech company.  

Through keynote speaking, Robert is able to community his knowledge of both mindfulness practice and business to serve as a change agent, helping transform organizations (including corporations, law firms, the military, and non-profits)  through increased efficiency, greater morale and enhanced wellbeing.


Robert Chender is a frequent contributor to Business Insider and other publications. 

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